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The Piezo Institute is a hub of European expertise and resources on piezoelectric materials and their applications.

The aims of the Piezo Institute are

→ To create and deliver valued services for industry and academics working on piezoelectric technologies, materials and devices.
→ To organize networking between academic and industrial actors in the field.
→ To support the winter conference series “electroceramics for end users” focused on novel piezoelectric technologies, aimed at creating a bridge between materials, scientists and device designers. Since its establishment in 2002, it provides a platform for information and exchanges among users, developers and academics in the field of piezoelectric and related materials.

The Piezo Institute’s expertise

Through its members, the Piezo Institute’s expertise covers the entire value chain of piezoelectrics, from basic material science to devices and their applications. It includes ferroelectricity, multiferroicity, electrostriction and pyroelectricity in materials as diverse as bulk ceramics & films, single crystals, polymers and composites. Devices include transducers, sensors, actuators, motors and energy harvesters for applications in fields such as health, transportation, environmental and energetic transitions, security, among others.

Piezo Institute History

The Piezo Institute was created in 2007, emerging from the EC-funded MIND Network of Excellence (miniature & integrated piezoelectric devices) and the POLECER Thematic Network (polar electroceramics). The founding institutions were the following:

– Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S, Denmark

– University of Tours, France

– Centro Richerche FIAT, Italy

– Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

– Cranfield University, Great Britain

– NPL, Great Britain

– Academy of Science, Latvia

– EPFL, Switzerland

These institutions had established scientific collaborations on piezoelectric materials and their applications from the early 1990’s through the European networks above as well as through projects involving many other industrial and academic organizations.

Piezo Institute Organization

Piezo Institute Advisory Board-Members

The European hub of Piezo Electricity

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