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The Piezo Institute is the hub of European expertise and resources in piezoelectric materials

The institute's executive board and founding members include researchers from France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. Companies like Meggitt/Ferroperm are also involved MORE...


28 May 2021

Five weeks left for the final deadline for manuscript submissions

The Special Issue on Piezoelectric Ceramics: From Fundamentals to Applications
we would like to invite a contribution from you (a review or a article) in this Special Issue, and you will be enjoy 10%...

1 March 2021

Early Stage Researchers awarded at the “PIEZO2021: Piezoelectrics for End users XI” Virtual Conference (21-23 February, 2021)

The COVID19 Pandemia has strongly affected the students involved in experimental studies that had to carry on their work in laboratorios with high restrictions of time and recourses or, even more, to stay away during months from the labs. It has a...

28 January 2021

Reference to the PI at an Special Issue of the journal IEEE Trans. on UFFC

The Special Issue of the journal IEEE Trans. on Ultrasonic, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control on the Contributions of Women in Ferroelectrics Research and Development has been launched.

The Special Issue is co-edited by Profs. Michell...

Job vacancies

4 June 2020

PhD in Materials and Engineering Science: Processing of Smart Porous Electro-Ceramic Transducers

Ferroelectrics are an important class of electro-active materials. Their piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties make them vital materials for SONAR, pressure sensors/ accelerometers, energy harvesting, thermal imaging/sensing, and non-destructi...

22 May 2020


Deadline for application May 29, 2020, 2 pm, CET

Magnetic ceramics have been attracting considerable interest due to their wide range of applications. These span the whole field of magnetic screening, magnetic data storage, chokes, sensors and devices based on magnetoelectric coupling in multife...

4 October 2019

Master internship 5 months between February 2020 and July 2020 on modeling of the functional properties of ceramics with core-shell structure.

Ceramics with core-shell structure have been in development in the past years for very diverse applications because they allow to obtain combinations of properties that can not be obtained with conventional ceramics. We will first look at dielectr...